Meet the General Manager of Five Star Ford Stone Mountain:

Q&A with Michael Haywood

Michael is the General Manager for Five Star Ford, serving Stone Mountain, Snellville, and the greater Atlanta area since February 2022. He's been continuing the Five Star legacy with his proactive plans and community-engaged service.

In this Q&A Michael dives into his experience of becoming a General Manager for a car dealership, breaking the negative stigmas of a dealership, and what goes on in his mind when it comes to managing this dealership.

Q: “Why did you decide to pursue this career? Was this originally a goal for you?”

A: “I was at a crossroad in my life. I bumped into Wes Pope and I asked if they were hiring. Little did I know, they hire everybody. So, I got a job selling cars at Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. I had a feeling that it would be something that I'd be good at, and I’ve always been really good with people. I felt like it was time to go do something on my own and take that leap of faith.”

Q: “What's your number one goal in this role?”

A: “I think that obviously the number one goal is growing the business and doing it the right way by taking care of your customers. Another goal is the opportunity to allow others to grow and help them along their journey. How you can bring others along and help them find their way is a big thing on a day to day. A big goal of mine is helping people figure out what their true potential is.”

Q: “What makes you feel fulfilled?”

A: “Nothing makes me happier than when a customer tells you how much you helped them and how you went out of their way to help when you really were just doing your job. But it's definitely fulfilling when you're able to help someone, an employee, or a customer.”

Q: “In 10 years if you looked back at what you are doing now, do you think you would be proud of yourself?”

A: “100%. I will definitely look back no matter what to make sure that I gave it the energy and effort that was necessary to make it successful. But I believe, wholeheartedly, that I will be successful. So looking back, I'll be proud. I'll probably laugh.”

Q: “What are some challenges that you face?”

A: “I think training is always a challenge, right? So, you hire someone. How much time and energy do you put into that person to make sure they're successful? So, it is a challenge to grind daily and make sure you're holding people accountable without micromanaging someone.”

Q: “What is the best part of your day?”

A: “Helping a customer would be the biggest thing. But selling a car is a ton of fun. I loved doing that when I first got into the business. But taking care of a customer and at the end them telling you how great the experience was is the best. There's just a negative presence that people think of us. And for me, that's not how I am. That's not how I want anybody to be in the dealership. And I know that's not how our ownership wants anyone to be. So when a customer leaves here and we can change that narrative for them where they may have come in and thought, ‘I hate these dealerships’ but when they leave they're like, ‘Well, that was a really good experience and I would definitely come back.’”

Q: “Anything you want to add?”

A: “I think if anybody wants to know anything about a dealership or a Five Star organization, it’s that we're just like everybody else, we're not out here trying to take advantage. You know, we really are just trying to take care of a customer. We want to help solve problems for people. And we want to do it in a way where they feel appreciated and they feel like they're being taken care of.”

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