Returning a Leased Car at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain

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Leasing a new Ford at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain is a simple, affordable way to enjoy driving a new vehicle every few years in Atlanta and Snellville without the hassle of selling or trading when you’re ready for a new ride. Returning a leased car is just as easy, too! Find out what to expect when it’s time to return your leased car or if you’re planning on returning a leased car early from the finance team at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain.



Items to Bring When Returning a Leased Car

When you’re returning a leased car, you’re not just returning the car. You’re returning everything that came with the vehicle, so make sure you bring these items with you:

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records

If you can’t find everything on this list, contact us and we’ll make provisions for you.

Returning a Leased Car Step by Step

It really is as easy as dropping your leased car off at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain! Even if you leased your Ford from another dealership, you don’t have to travel to the original dealership to make the return. Here’s what happens after you drop off your leased vehicle:

  1. One of our specialists will inspect the vehicle for damage, overall quality, and other important factors.
  2. Any extra miles on the odometer that exceed the restrictions or any wear and tear are subject to penalty fees.
  3. Once the inspection process of your vehicle is complete, you can upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy out your current leased vehicle, or walk away and go for any of our new or used vehicles.

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

Loganville drivers who are wondering if they can return a leased car early need to check their original lease agreement. It should contain the terms and conditions of the lease including if there are penalty fees for early return. When returning a leased car early, it’s commonplace to pay the rest of the amount you owe on the lease. So yes, you can return a leased car early, but it might not be the best financial move for you.

Schedule Your Lease Return with Five Star Ford Stone Mountain

If your lease is nearing the end of its term, contact Five Star Ford Stone Mountain and make an appointment. That way we can have all your paperwork ready and waiting for you, saving you even more time on the process. In the meantime, take a look at our new vehicle specials to find a great deal on your next purchase or lease.


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