Ford Edge vs Escape

The Edge and the Escape are two of the most popular Ford SUVs on the market. However, while these two deliver a similar package in terms of their capabilities, they are far from the same vehicle. If you’ve managed to zoom in this far on the market to narrow down your choices to the Edge or Escape, you know the basics of what you want, it’s the little details that will wind up making the difference.

We’d like to present the article below as a way to help you make your final selection. At Five Star Ford Stone Mountain, we work hard to help our customers get into the right vehicle for their needs, no matter what that vehicle may be. Explore our inventory here on our site and make sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Where Do They Fit?

You might be more familiar with the best-selling member of the Ford SUV lineup – the Explorer – than you are with either of these two models. It’s good to know that these two fit just under the Explorer in terms of size and seating capacity. Rather than offering three rows, like the Explorer, the Edge and Escape have just two. This brings down the number of people you can put into the vehicle, of course, but it also means you’ll enjoy a smaller form factor on the road and often improved gas mileage.

Which One is More Affordable

If your primary motivation with this purchase is to get a great deal while meeting your needs, the Escape is the way to go. It offers a lower price when comparing the base models, and it will remain lower as you work up through the comparable trim packages. The gap between the two prices varies as you pick different versions of these vehicles, but the difference is often around $5,000. That’s enough money for you to take notice, but not so much that it should stop you from carefully considering what the Edge has to offer in exchange for a higher cost.

A Surprise Winner in One Category

When looking at these SUVs from the outside, you would probably wager that the Escape is the model with greater storage capacity. As you look at the numbers, however, that is not the case. There is a surprising amount of cargo space in the Edge, making it quite practical for drivers who frequently need to load their vehicles up with things before heading out for the day – or before heading off on a road trip. With that said, both do well in terms of offering space while still getting good gas mileage. Plus, they are easy to handle in heavy traffic or crowded parking lots.

Driving Experience Factors

For the driver who cares about the experience of getting from one place to another, it’s useful to think about what kind of driving thrills each model can deliver. On this point, it’s the Edge that pretty clearly comes out ahead. It comes standard with a more powerful engine than the Escape. That 2.0L turbo engine is also available on the Escape, but it is an upgrade rather than a standard feature. So, if you are buying the Escape for the savings but you want the more powerful engine, you will wind up narrowing the gap in price and you might not save much in the end.

You are likely already aware that there is a downside to performance – and that downside is lower gas mileage. If you stick with the base engines in both vehicles, the Escape will get you around town without using as much costly fuel. So, the budget-minded shopper will pretty clearly want to go with the Escape in the base configuration. Such a choice would lead to the lowest upfront price in addition to ongoing savings at the pump as the years go by and the miles add up.

So, what’s it going to be? The Edge or the Escape? Of course, you don’t have to decide right now, as you are more than welcome to come by our dealership and take them for a test drive. You’ll love the service you get at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain and we always offer fair prices on every vehicle. Thanks for stopping by!

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