Ford Edge vs GMC Terrain

The small SUV market is a field with a lot of entrants. It seems that every carmaker has one or two vehicles in this category, and the popularity of these little SUVs has gradually taken away from how many passenger cars are sold each year. Rather than sticking with the traditional sedan or coupe layout, many buyers want a small SUV for comfort and convenience while still getting solid gas mileage.

This article will compare two of the leaders in the small SUV battle – the Ford Edge and the GMC Terrain. If you come away from this article thinking that the Ford Edge is the perfect vehicle for you to call your own, explore the inventory here on our site or stop by Five Star Ford Stone Mountain in person to work with our team on this purchase.

What Matters to You?

One of the tricky things about comparing vehicles is determining what categories should matter most. Something that is important to one buyer might not matter at all to another. This is an important point to make when comparing the Edge and Terrain because these are both capable vehicles and it’s easy enough to point to strong features present in the GMC as well as the Ford.

With that said, as you consider what matters to most drivers, you’ll find Ford keeps coming out ahead over and over again. For example, cargo space tends to be one of the biggest selling points for an SUV, as these are supposed to be utility vehicles that can serve a variety of functions. The Edge has quite a bit more cargo space than the Terrain, so that’s a notable win.

It’s not only space for cargo that matters in a vehicle, leg room also needs to be considered. On this point as well, the Edge comes out ahead, if only by a small margin. Those in the front seats of the Edge will have a couple more inches compared to those riding in the Terrain, and back seat passengers get an extra inch.

A Clear Winner In Power

There can be no debate on the topic of power when comparing these two vehicles. The Ford Edge offers multiple engine options, which can provide drivers with far more power, while every Terrain comes out with the same engine. The biggest engine in the Edge is a V6 that can get you up to 335 horsepower -a big number for an SUV of only modest size. By comparison, the Terrain only offers a small 1.5-liter engine, and only 170 horsepower is created. That’s plenty to get around, but it does not lead to the kind of engaging, exciting driving experience that the Edge is able to provide.

Considering Costs

Before we allow this comparison to get too lopsided, we should bring the cost of these SUVs into the picture. In general, you are going to spend more money to buy an Edge compared to a Terrain. Comparing base models, you may save as much as $3,000 or so when you opt for the GMC. And, due to the small engine size of the Terrain, you’ll also get better gas mileage and save some money month after month at the pump.

Before you start to think that this factor completely flips things over in the debate, stop to consider how those costs will play out in the real world. The addition of just a few thousand dollars to the purchase price isn’t going to make a massive difference in your monthly payment, assuming you are financing the vehicle, and you’ll then benefit from the advantages we mentioned above. Plus, if you are able to own the Edge longer because it does a better job of serving your needs, it will actually prove to be the better value over time.

Could a GMC Terrain work for everything that you need to do around town on a daily basis? Sure – it’s a quality vehicle and would likely perform nicely for your needs. With that said, it doesn’t quite live up to the standard of the Ford Edge, which is why you see so many of these SUVs all over the roads in recent years. Pick out the one that suits you best through our online inventory or pay us a visit to take a test drive. We appreciate your time!

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