Ford Mustang GT vs GT500

There is a certain reputation that comes with putting the name Mustang on the back of a car. You don’t even need to be a car enthusiast to know what that name stands for, so the vehicle better be able to back it up. Fortunately, that’s the case with the Mustang GT and the GT500. These are exciting sports cars that pack plenty of punch, but you’ll need to pick out which one you’d like to own for yourself.

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How Much Power Do You Need?

While there are other differences to note, the primary dividing line between the standard GT and the GT500 is how much power is available under the hood. Make no mistake – both are powerful cars, but one will leave you gripping the steering wheel tighter than ever before.

Let’s start with the standard GT version of the Mustang. In this model, you get a powerful 5.0L V8 engine that gets up to 460 horsepower. As you are likely aware, that’s a lot of power for a small car, and you are sure to be impressed with the driving experience as soon as you pull out onto the road. It even comes standard with a manual transmission so you can embrace the feeling of driving a Mustang, although an automatic is available as an upgrade if you would prefer.

As you can see, there is already plenty of power in place with the GT Mustang. Want to take it to a higher level? The GT500 is where you’ll need to turn. In this case, it’s a 5.2L V8 – which is only slightly bigger than the base engine – but a supercharger is also equipped. As a result, this engine produces a shocking 760 horsepower, which puts the GT500 up there among the most powerful cars on the market today. That’s enough to put it on the radar of any serious car lover.

Similar Looks

Either way you go, you’ll have a vehicle that looks like a classic Mustang. The styling of a Mustang is recognizable to millions of people, and these versions carry that tradition forward. There are some added touches included with the upgraded version that allow it to stand out from the standard GT, but anyone choosing the GT500 is doing so primarily for the engine .

A Dramatic Price Difference

You probably won’t be surprised to find that there is a big price gap between the GT and the GT500, given the huge jump in horsepower we already outlined. Just how much more would you have to spend to buy the GT500? That will vary depending on where you make the purchase and what options are equipped on each vehicle, but don’t be surprised if the gap is as much as $30,000 or more. Also, you will need to supply the GT500 with more fuel along the way, so the cost of ownership will be higher beyond just the upfront purchase cost.

That difference is what makes deciding between these two so difficult. If the prices weren’t so far apart, it would be easy to go with the GT500 – who wouldn’t want so much power under the hood? However, the opportunity to save such a significant sum while still getting a premium vehicle in the standard GT is appealing to some shoppers. Ultimately, only you can decide what the thunderous driving experience of the GT500 would be worth to you. If you remain on the fence, finding a chance to take these vehicles for a test drive would be an excellent tiebreaker.

If you have long dreamed of owning a Mustang and are now in the position to make it happen, it only makes sense to take just a little more time to get this purchase right. We hope the discussion above helps you understand what your options are in the Mustang market, and you are certainly welcome to browse our inventory to see what we have available. Thank you for considering Five Star Ford Stone Mountain!

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